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Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #27 (The roof, the roof)

Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #27 (The roof, the roof)
By John Bell the Librarian • Issue #45 • View online
The big news here is that Hermetic Library World HQ has a new roof. Just in time for more thunderstorms yesterday night and this morning. This time the thunder sounded more like actual cannon fire than anything, which was pretty wild. And very loud. Especially at 2am.
Other than that, I’ve been feeling behind all week, so this newsletter feels a little light, even if I got a lot done on the site; because I wasn’t very active beyond the site. I mean, enjoy the reprieve from my silly memes and things while you can!
And, as always, I worked on various other things on website, blog, and more … Enjoy!

The roof
In last week’s newsletter, I mentioned that the work on the new roof here at the Magic City Bachelor Bungalow, home of the library and, yours truly, librarian, was beginning.
Thursday morning, last week, without any specific prior warning, a truck rolled up and the new shingles arrived, finally revealing that things had begun in earnest! Those were all conveyed up to where they’d be needed. I got a call on Friday, that the crew was taking the day off and asked if they could re-schedule for Saturday. Welp, since I didn’t ever even know they were scheduled to work on Friday, that didn’t bother me if they didn’t show up; though I kind of wondered if they would since the shingles had arrived.
The actual crew to do the work showed up on Saturday morning. I was able to get a couple pictures, but not a lot. They parked the trash trailer at my front door, so I didn’t really go in or out whilst they were dropping old shingles down. And, moreover, they set up netting around the house.
So all in all, I didn’t get out to watch as much as I might have hoped. But here’s a couple of the pictures I was able to take, and, for fun, one short shaky video of the old shingles being trashed.
New shingles on the old roof
New shingles on the old roof
The work begins
The work begins
Old shingles getting trashed
Old shingles getting trashed
3/4 view of the house with new shingles
3/4 view of the house with new shingles
Side view of the house with new shingles
Side view of the house with new shingles
So, after lots of bustle and banging, that bit’s finally done: new shingles, some replaced substrate, and a new ridge vent! That should mean no more leaks, and that’s some really big news around here this week!
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