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Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #7 (I'm telling my kids this is Post-Thelema)


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Hermetic Library Newsletter - Issue #7 (I'm telling my kids this is Post-Thelema)
By John Bell the Librarian • Issue #7 • View online
For my part, this week I mostly had my head down, focused on getting a bunch of stuff done, normal stuff mostly, but I also finished setting up the next new Patron merch item (a series of four mugs with my designs on them), and so on. But, oh, and, hey, lookit! The library account on Instagram just passed 3000 followers!
(I was a bit late starting to use Ig, so it’s the lowest number of followers on any of the library social media accounts, but it has been growing steadily. However, the low number also kinda means that people following there are actually still mostly seeing my posts, because the algorithms haven’t really kicked in yet, demanding money to boost posts or else refusing to show them to people, I think, more than other accounts. Social media is weird and awful. You’re so much better off being subscribed to this newsletter!)
But, wow, it’s already March! I’ve got to start thinking about the next Anthology Album, Magick, Music and Ritual 16, for which I post the call for submissions at the beginning of June. Also, I need to start adding stuff to the layout for a possible issue of the Zine at Aphelion, in July, to see how many page I have already and how many I have left to fill. That’s all just around the corner! Yikes!
Something arrived at the post office for mail call, and, finally, as always, worked on the website, blog, and more … Enjoy!

I'm telling my kids this is Post-Thelema
I'm telling my kids this is Post-Thelema
Speaking of Post-Thelema, not to be that guy, but, who am I kidding, I’m totally that guy: whomever called it Post-Thelema has remarkably bad aim. Like calling a Tesla post-car instead of post-combustion engine. But, sure, *smdh* okay, whatever …
As I was looking to see if there were any interesting quotes about “3000” to post about the Instagram milestone, I ran into this, and Ash had the clarity to focus on “Aleisterianism”:
“To summarize, I do not think Aleisterianism, as a system and movement, is dangerous; I think it is anemic. It is weak because it is constrained by the work of a single man who died 60 years ago who grounded his ideas in control, isolation, and conflict. Those themes simply will not inspire more than a handful of people, most of whom will be folks on the edge of society but with enough resources and interest to buy and study arcane texts. Yes, there are always exceptions, but not enough to make Aleisterianism a robust movement (example: after a full century, the largest and most powerful Aleisterian organization in the world barely maintains 3000 or so members with rapid turnover, owns no real property, has no paid staff, and has virtually zero influence culturally or politically…I do not blame the leadership for this, I blame Aleisterianism)."—Aleisterian Addendum
As someone kinda invested in people wanting to read everything Aleister Crowley wrote as an act of academic and religious practice by appeal to all his writings, each for themselves, à la my personal expansive interpretation of Tunis; I, for one, also welcome a kind of "Thelemic Deism” like a therapeutically necessary enema.
Aleister Crowley is a conundrum (which is totally an essay I’ve been meaning to write.). Aleister Crowley is the Joss Whedon of Occultism (which is totally another essay I’ve been meaning to write). There is a corpus of material that people have found to be important and has had broad influence, some of which was produced in the early days by script doctoring, but also some genuine creative output; but, the creator is problematic to keep centered and for a tradition to not grow beyond. The whole exists together, connected, and either one without consideration of the other is incomplete. But, it would also be incomplete not to critically consider both, synchronically and diachronically.
By the by, just a reminder that I’m open to adding essays to Disorienting Aleister Crowley (or that disorients any other content on the site). So, if you’ve got something I can host, or want to write something, for the Disorientation Manual. And be sure to check out my Introduction to the section for some thoughts on how I approach the material on the site, and why I started the section for meta references and resources that do critical analysis of the material on the site.
P.S. As an aside, it occurred to me that it is probably true that more people will visit the Hermetic Library website just today than have ever been members of a Thelemic organization, or, frankly, self-identified as Thelemites, combined. So, let’s put any new or old drama in perspective: for the most part, almost everyone has already been Post-Thelema and Post-Crowley for decades.
But, don’t let that discourage you from checking out all the Crowley material at Hermetic Library either for current, for the few, or historical interest, for the rest! Ha!
The Breakfast of Posties
The Breakfast of Posties
*Emily Litella voice morphing into Gene Wilder and then a musical number ensues* What’s all this I hear about toasties?! Er, ptoasties? You say Ptah, I say pshaw?
First Flower
The First Flower of 2021
The First Flower of 2021
Lookit! Spring has finally sprung for this pretty one, my first little friend! I have hopes for many more, as I spread a bunch of wildflower seed bombs last year, here at Hermetic Library World HQ, but here’s the vanguard.
3000 Followers on Instagram
Just passed 3000 followers on Instagram, so for all of you, old and new alike, here and there, check out the Chun Hexagram and Atu III, The Empress!
The Chun Hexagram
The Chun Hexagram
The Empress
The Empress
First series of mugs, brand new merch for Patrons!
First series of mugs, brand new merch for Patrons!
Anne Macky
Let me (re)introduce you to Anne Macky, Fiat Yod, “The Unknown Soror” of Magick Without Tears and historical woman of Thelema, who has a brand new pages at the library.
You may remember her from Heather Schubert’s guest post on the blog.
The Unknown Soror - The Hermetic Library Blog
A shout for International Women's Day
A shout for International Women's Day
Kenneth Grant sneaking up on you Thelema!
Kenneth Grant sneaking up on you Thelema!
The Octopus
Huh! Back in 2014, there was a big to do about some lost unpublished Crowley poetry in a little notebook from 1898.
But, here I’m just finding that “The Octopus” was published in The Winged Beetle after all, as I just formatted that for the site and recognized it!
When the news broke, I posted about it on the blog and still wonder what else is in that little book, if anything new.
Unverified Personal Gnosis, Sir!
Unverified Personal Gnosis, Sir!
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Mail Call
Postcard for Three Soul-Makers: Poems That Being Us Together [Amazon, Publisher] by Mary Kennedy Eastham, Eileen Malone, and Kathleen McClung, Poetrylandia, Issue 5, from Wapshott Press, arrived at the Reading Room today!
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